RAK PREFABS LLC is established in 1976 is a Manufacturing and Trading Company, Serving the growing needs of the Oil and Gas Industry and the Construction Sector in Middle East , West Asia, Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

RAK PREFABS LLC has a high professional standing in the industry and is known as a versatile and competent engineering company that can be relied upon for meeting the client’s ever changing requirement.

RAK PREFABS LLC promoters individually have over 43 years of experience in the industry and has an impressive track record of supporting large number of projects in several countries viz. U.A.E, Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Liberia, Djibouti, Congo(DR), Kenya and Afghanistan.

Engineering Capability

To succeed amidst the intensive, accelerating, global competition, RAK PREFABS LLC has strived for Excellence. The Management Systems, Practices and Performance are aligned with the Framework of Business Excellence, based on attributes of Best in Class Organizations.

RAK PREFABS LLC in house resources and experience in the local market provides it with the capabilities to offer solutions       made to suit Requirement.

Using Business Excellence Model, RAK PREFABS LLC systematically embarks on its Excellence journey.

RAK PREFABS LLC Organization and Units is a Framework for achieving Excellence.

It responds to current challenges and addresses all the complexities of meeting current competitiveness while preparing effectively for future competition.

RAK PREFABS LLC is able to offer its clients with USP under:

Prompt quotation with drawing and data sheets

Fast delivery periods

Ensuring compliance

After sales service

The Roadmap enables RAK PREFABS LLC  structure their systems and institutionalize the processes ;Focusing on Leadership, all Stakeholders, Operational and Financial Performance, Customers and Markets, Processes, Employees, Society etc. leading to Stakeholder Value Creation.

RAK PREFABS LLC in-house capabilities have been developed over the years to fulfil the company’s Project Execution Strategy.


RAK PREFABS LLC enablers are the driving force behind the overall Business Excellence model. RAK PREFABS LLC Leaders create and nurture the enabling environment that foster the change processes.

RAK PREFABS LLC quality of service has ensured that all its valuable clients are highly satisfied.

This is achieved thru visionary Leadership coupled with strong alignment has empowered the enabling environment of an Organization.

RAK PREFABS LLC visionary leadership has emphasized on the Leadership role in driving Business-wide change with a shared Vision, an enhanced focus on Championing Change, People Empowerment, Good Governance and Excellence in New Projects

RAK PREFABS LLC strategic Planning addresses strategy evolution, action planning, deployment and how accomplishments are measured, sustained and built continuously. The enabling environment is essential to ensure that company adopts excellence as a culture.

RAK PREFABS LLC has always been able to live up to its client’s expectation of timely deliveries with the budgeted cost parameter.